Renovate / Remodel

Part of the joy of owning a home is adapting it to become the house that you want.  Sometimes these improvements are as simple as a fresh coat of paint or a built-in nook for your car keys: it’s worth adding the little details that make it just yours, just so.  Or perhaps it’s a larger project:  you’re finally going to get that soaking tub, or new kitchen, or guest suite in the basement.  Regardless of the scale of the project, we understand most customers already have a firm idea of what they are looking for and simply need a contractor they can trust to listen and bring their vision to fruition.

At 206fix we provide project design and planning services for small to medium sized renovation projects.  Services include 3D modeling and design assistance, structural investigations, material selection, and cost estimating for materials and labor.

Licensed, bonded, Insured:  Lic#206FIF911-R1